Uniting All Soccer Communities

Be part of the mission by adopting our FREE soccer management solution and make your team more accessible to the local soccer community.

Mission Statement

To Inspire Active Soccer Communities by connecting players, coaches and parents with ENDALGO’s Soccer Community Platform.

How ENDALGO Pursues the Mission

ENDALGO thrives to connect the soccer community by providing the correct information to the local soccer audience. We believe our soccer community platform can be the source for players, coaches and parents to communicate, share information and stay active with soccer. We pursue our mission through:

Connecting Teams to Local Audience

ENDALGO, being an open platform for soccer communities, allows soccer teams to make their team information be open to the local public audience. This makes local soccer information be more accessible to the soccer audience.

Providing Team Management Solution

ENDALGO's  team management solution is specifically tailored to soccer teams' necessities and demands. Scheduling, roster management, payment collection, notifications and many more are available for soccer team logistics and administrative work.

How the Coaches & Players are Joining the Mission

Coaches & Managers

Coaches and managers start by adopting the team management solution ENDALGO provides. From there, not only can the club be closely connected among team members, but also the team information can now be exposed to the local soccer audience; more people from the local soccer community can now learn more about their club and make specific inquiries to join. Furthermore, coaches and managers can open public sessions to contribute in making the soccer scene more active in the local area.

Players & Parents

Player and parents utilize ENDALGO to find local soccer team information and join them right away. They also RSVP to open training sessions or other public events that are held by those local teams. With the fun and convenient experience the players and parents get from ENDALGO, they continue to stay active by inviting friends and playing together. They now look nowhere else than ENDALGO when searching for local information on soccer teams or opportunities to play more.

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