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March 7, 2019 / US

The Top 5 Soccer Team Management Apps

By Aiden Teplitzky Dobens

Channeling your inner Sir Alex Ferguson takes more than a dream: you need the best soccer management app you can get your hands on! Whether you’re looking for features, customer service, or social media functionality (or all three), here’s our list of the top 5 soccer team management apps available on the market today.

What Makes an App?

So, you’ve got your Arsene Wenger-style winter jacket, Jürgen Klopp-style clear glasses, your whiteboard with your 4-3-3 formation, and you’re ready to begin coaching your own team.

But wait! You have to send out a horde of emails to everyone.

And update rosters.

And the field got rained out, so you have to reschedule practice.

We’ve focused on the main components that make team management apps truly great:

  • Getting Started: how long does it take to start using? Is it easy to do?

  • Usage: how easy it it to use? Is there stuff that could be organized better? Does it freeze all the time? What can you do with this app?

  • Ratings: does the company try to fix problems? Are they responsive?

  • Bottom line: how helpful is the app?

We’ll take an in-depth look at each of these apps to answer all these questions.

Teamer App Logo

#5: Teamer

Before we begin, we just wanted to mention a funny quirk about these apps. Many have videos explaining what their apps can do, and they all have eerily similar graphics, and seem to be confused about the age of their target audience… You can take a look here:

Getting Started

It’s pretty easy — register an account and you’re off to the races.

It’s a little awkward to find what sport you’re coaching (no search capability in 2018? Come on!), but that’s pretty trivial. Still, it’d be nice if there were a few quality-of-life improvements made in the user interface.

Once you’re past that, it’s actually quite easy!

There’s no need to go to your email or phone to “confirm” anything — you can get started right away.

They give you 3 options to set up your account depending on your needs: 

  • Create a Club Website

  • Create a Teampage

  • Collect payments

Choose the one that fits your needs and you’re good to go.

Teamer UX


As soon as you start using Teamer, you can tell it’s not so tech-savvy. It feels a little dated, something from that early-to-mid 2010s era of apps.

The popup keyboard is reminiscent of the old iPhone: huge letters that make you think this hasn’t been updated for years.

Moving between screens as well isn’t a particularly seamless system either. You’re going to get hit with full-screen advertisements (please, no) that are difficult to tap away. That said, free-to-use apps rarely nail that special blend of advertisement space and user interface.

In short, the entire operating system is a bit clunky.

Clunky isn’t the end of the world though — it’s not that big of a deal, so long as the app runs well, does its job, and has useful features.

Teamer UX

They have “messaging,” as one would expect from a team management app. However, it’s a bit tricky to figure out.

It’s labeled as “members,” which is a bit confusing for you if you’re trying to find the messaging tab. You then upload everyone’s email/phone number and you’re ready to begin!

However, many people online complained of crashes specifically in the messaging app: the most common being writing a full paragraph and then it disappearing as you click send. If this happens to you, consider the classic standby of writing everything in a separate app and then copy/pasting it over.

Unfortunately, it looks like the app still doesn’t support copy/pasting, but hey, maybe it’s in the works?

Teamer App Store Images

One redeeming feature is their “collect payments” option. Teamer partnered with online payment processor Stripe which allows you to receive payments in a safe and secure manner. Stripe wires the money straight to the bank account on file, so there’s no need to worry about pesky withdrawals or a third-party service freezing your account

This is particularly helpful if you have a great idea to set up a winter league, but you end up sending a million emails to parents about receiving payment. Nothing ruins local soccer more than concerns about money, so this is an excellent feature.

There is also an option to post photos of your kids so that other parents can see, and I haven’t read any negative reviews regarding that feature! It’s great for photography-minded parents who snapped a few good ones of the match, so go nuts with this feature. Everyone loves pictures of themselves, after all!


Most of the positive online reviews are that the app is basic and works for what they need to do. In fact, the limits of the app could be seen as a positive — although it doesn’t do all that much, what it does, it does well.

However, there were too many negative reviews to make that a valid argument.

There are copious amounts of complaints, mostly concerning a proverbial horde of technical glitches, errors, bad UI design, and annoying bugs.

A man named Kirk does a great job describing all of them:

Teamer Review

Regarding customer service, it seems that they sporadically decide to log on and try and help people with their problems. Support seems to float around without doing a whole lot — there’s likely just too many problems for support to deal with alone.

No one mentioned that they fixed anything, but no one mentioned that they were ignored after reaching out.

Bottom Line

Teamer is a fine app. If you want something basic, limited, and to the point, this could be a good app for you. Just be careful with the advertisements. And the crashing. Probably not your best choice.

Definitely download this game if you love pick-up-and-play style games against other real live opponents. But thanks to reported cheaters on the app, don’t take the game too seriously or use real money!

Player Plus logo

#4: PlayerPlus - Team Management

PlayerPlus, or as it downloads on your phone “SpielerPlus,” is an app straight from Germany, made for Germans. It too has a strange animated video, but see if you can spot what the issue might be!

It’s all in German. Thankfully, the app itself is in English, but...this doesn’t bode well for an international audience, right?

Now don’t get me wrong, the Germans make decent products and that’s no reason to rule an app out.

But it seems like they made an app, it was working well in Germany, and then they said “whatever, let’s launch it in the US!”

The fact that we can’t understand a word of the introduction video is a bad sign. But let’s keep going...

Getting Started

Once you’re past the non-English introduction, PlayerPlus actually has a really user-friendly onboarding process.

Just name your team, put in names of players, pick practice times, and set up your entire game schedule. Easy as apple pie (or strudel).

Now, if you aren’t ready to do so, or would like to use the app for a different purpose, there seems no way around that.

You don’t have to go to your email or enter any verification code via text, but if you don’t invite a team to join within an hour of making your account, your account is automatically deleted.

There’s no SMS or email verification, which is no biggie, but watch out — if you don’t create or invite a team within an hour of making your account, you get deleted. It keeps the number of inactive downs, I’m sure, but keep that in mind.

From there, you’re ready to begin!

Player Plus App Store Images


The aesthetics from the start are sleek.

In fact, there’s a lot I really like about the app.

  • Categories are easy to get to

  • Setting up your team is very easy (just input a team name, plan practices, and schedule games)

  • The problem is, as soon as I clicked “complete registration” the app crashed. 

So I did it all again.

And it crashed again.

Come on, Germany.


Well, this app doesn’t have ANY ratings on the Apple store.

On Google Play, it’s mostly bad news. Complains about the crashing are common. And, as you might expect, a bunch of the reviews are in German. Push notifications seem to alternate between German and English with frightening regularity, so don’t expect a lot unless you’re fluent in both languages.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is this is a great idea for an app. It’s well organized and user-friendly, but it feels like they launched it to American audiences way too quickly.

Standardizing everything into English (for the international market) would go a long way to making this app more attractive.

The frequent freezing and crashing is a no-go as well — what’s the point of an app if it doesn’t run reliably?

Fix those issues and it might be a really great app. Someday.

SI Play logo

#3: SI Play

Rolling in to the third place finish on our list, Sports Illustrated Play comes loaded with some pretty amazing features. Unfortunately, the app is marred by bugs and difficulties with the interface.

Getting Started

Even getting started is pretty annoying:  if you have an existing account with Sports Illustrated, you’re all set.

But if you don’t, you might already be in trouble.

You can expect some unfortunate “email not found” errors when it comes to registering a new account — maybe you need to make a Sports Illustrated account before trying the mobile app. A heads-up would have been nice!

This frustrating start is the app in a nutshell: good ideas with poor execution.


On the plus side, Sports Illustrated Play has some quality features

SI Play App Image

Communication is innovative and effective. The app has categories for the following:

  • “Live Game Updates”

  • Messaging

  • “Social Team Feed”

With “live game updates” you can get updates during the course of a game. If you’re a family that can’t make a game due to travel, this is awesome. No more begging for texts or phone calls from harried parents — just watch the updates unfold in real-time on the app.

My personal favorite feature is the “Social Team Feed.” This is essentially Facebook, but only for your team. You can post pictures or videos and like and comment on posts. It’s great for seeing how your team has evolved and performed over the course of the season, and a communal hub for pictures is something of a godsend for team sports.


The ratings online seem starkly divided between two camps: people who love the app and say it does everything they want, and people who say it has great potential but needs major improvements.

SI Play Review

Wayne highlights what a lot of people say: great potential, but poor follow-through.

A lot of people also complain of poor customer service, and that’s a real shame. sVery few people dislike the app — they just want to see it be better.

It seems like the users care more about the app than the developers!

SI Play Review

Bottom Line

Aaron sums it up perfectly: it’s a good app, but it needs a little more spit and polish to make it really shine. Give it a whirl, but check out the second and first place spots for better options.

teamsnap logo

#2 - TeamSnap

team snap App Images

It must be said that TeamSnap is way closer to #1 than #3. Both TeamSnap and #1 are great apps.

Getting Started

Clocking in at number two on the list is TeamSnap. It wins on the aesthetic front by a mile: it’s easy to read, visually appealing, and well-polished.

Getting setup is easy, which is something other apps struggle with at times.

In fact, during registration you never really have to leave the app. Sure, they send you an email for you to register but they have a button labeled “open mail” (if your mail is set up on your device).

Click on this and it automatically takes you to your mail. Click “register” and it takes you back into the app and you’re ready to go!

It’s quick, painless, and supremely smooth. Not bad!


It’s clear that the technology behind TeamSnap is far superior than its competitors. You can navigate within the app quickly and seamlessly.

The interface is simple and their features are helpful:

  • Game locations can be accessed via Google Maps/Waze

  • Advertisements are small and non-intrusive

  • “Team Chat” messaging is easy to use

  • Permanent Posts

  • Easy to schedule events

The developers shied away from full-page ads (full-page ads are absolutely horrible). Instead, ads are displayed in the bottom one third of the screen. It’s a great compromise between a free-to-use app and the need to generate revenue.

“Team Chat” works just like a giant text message, and push notifications can be turned on.

“Posts” is a section where you can pin posts that families can always go back to.

All in all, TeamSnap has great features and reasonable functionality, bundled together into a well-polished interface.


If it’s all stars-and-smiles so far, what’s the rub? What sets this app down from the prestige of being number one?

TeamSnap UX

Reviews are overwhelmingly positive, except for one thing. A recent update was released that has opened up a lot of issues — some users are reporting instability with the app on different Android devices.

Primarily on Android, this new update seems to messing up a lot of features on the calendar. A user named Blair explains:

TeamSnap App Review

Bear in mind, this user previously rated TeamSnap 5 out of 5 and said it “sets the standard.”

Unfortunately, TeamSnap has to fix this error before it can make it into the #1 spot.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is that TeamSnap does everything well. It’s a great product.  The only real issue is that the most recent version of the app has some stability issues on Android, but you can expect a fix fairly quickly.

But until then, the crown goes to...

TeamSnap Schedule Upload
teamapp logo

#1 - TeamApp

No, not TeamSnap. TeamApp. It’s TeamSnap without the “S.” Creativity in names can be overrated.

As you can see in the introduction video linked above, TeamApp doesn’t shy away from the same animation style seen in its competitors. It gets the job done (your time is better spent in-app anyways).

Getting Started

You can choose to get started using Google, Facebook, or email. It’s pretty easy to get started: log in to your respective account and it’s done for you. Social registration does easy is a fantastic addition to an app, so this is a big plus.


It may not look as good as TeamSnap, but it has similar functionality and better customer service.

That’s really what makes TeamApp the best in a nutshell: it has all the same capabilities as TeamSnap, and what it lacks in aesthetics is makes up for with excellent customer service.

Functionality is king, and that’s why TeamApp takes the top spot here.

Teamapp App Images

In TeamApp you can do the basics and more:

  • Team Messaging
  • Calendars
  • Social MEdia-esque feature
  • "Real time push notifications"
  • View each player's availability
  • Take attendance at each event

What’s better than amazing features? How about features that don’t crash the app! That’s right — the app is remarkably stable. Download it.

Of course, the attendance and availability features are very useful for organizing your team.

All in all, has all the features you would want, and works well.

TeamApp App Image


As stated before, what sets TeamApp apart is the customer service.

If you look at their Google Play profile you’ll notice something striking: they respond to a remarkable amount of comments with succinct, individual instructions for how a user could fix an issue.

TeamApp App Store Review

Amira here rated TeamApp 5 stars, but had an issue.

Even though she gave 5 stars, TeamApp responded and gave her an option for how to fix her issue.

Even when TeamApp makes mistakes, they are diligent about fixing it quickly and making sure their users are satisfied. That’s what separates a good app from a truly great one.

Bottom Line

A bit clunkier than TeamSnap, TeamApp provides all the same features, but with exceptional customer service. It’s number one for a reason!


Soccer Management Apps


There’s a lot of soccer management apps out there, and hopefully this breakdown will shed a little light on which one is best for you. It’s always a good idea to check out the top competitors and see what you like — different apps for different folks, after all.

Our personal pick goes to TeamApp, but a fresh update for TeamSnap could tilt the scales.

Let us know what you think about our list of the top 5 soccer management apps!

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