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March 2, 2019 / US

The Best Soccer Apps of 2019

Soccer is about more than a field and a ball — there are plenty of great apps out there that can make your soccer experience a whole lot better. Worried about how to sort through the maze of different apps? Don’t be!

These are our picks for the best soccer news and live score app, the best soccer team management app, the best soccer training app, and the best soccer game app of 2019.

While we included only the number one finisher from each of the above categories in this article, we’ll throw in the links to our previous app reviews. Depending on your specific needs or interests, the best app for you may be a competitor discussed there.

So, without any more hogwash, let’s get right into our 2019 soccer app champions!

The Best Soccer News and Live Score App of 2019: OneFootball

Why’s it the Best?

OneFootball is our pick for the best soccer news app of 2019. It’s really, really good.

And it’s free!

So, what makes it the best? We encourage you to check out the full in-depth review and feature list found in our top 5 soccer news and live score apps of 2019 article, but we’ll break it down to the basics here.

First off, it’s important to set expectations. A great soccer news and live score app should be just that: a one-stop solution for everything involving soccer news. It needs to be lightweight, rich with relevant features, and easy-to-use. Some soccer news apps try to do everything — the end result is a clunky app that doesn’t do anything well.

OneFootball also has enough written soccer content to make even the most diehard fan happy. There must be a room of soccer experts on contract for OneFootball somewhere — the quality and polish of the articles they push out almost daily is incredible. There’s no shortage of soccer news content on the app, which makes it a shoo-in for the number one place on our list.

Features and Reviews

OneFootball is a clean, lightweight app that doesn’t waste any time or resources on unnecessary frills. It has all the features you actually use in a soccer news app:

  • Push notifications
  • Customizable team and player tracking
  • Match streaming
  • Player profiles
  • Zero-delay live score updates

OneFootball has an excellent reputation online and users are nearly universal in their praise. Of course, there’s always a segment of the population that gets unjustifiably angry about ads in a free-to-use mobile app.

We think that is just silly.

A free app must generate revenue somehow, so complaining about a well-placed banner ad in an unused and innocuous area of the screen? Come on, that’s being petty for the sake of being petty.

In retrospect, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have a paid version of the app in order to remove all advertisements, but the ads hardly detract from the function of the app.

State of the Game

OneFootball is a great place. It’s got a glowing reputation built on years of professional development and the developers are clearly passionate about their product. It’s everything a soccer fan wants in a news and live score app: lightweight, feature-rich, and superbly reliable. It’s just excellent.

Moving forward into this coming year, we wouldn’t be surprised to see a premium version of the app that removes all advertisements. It’s not that big a deal, but it would be worth the money for many users. The developers should also watch out for creeping features — apps that add features without careful consideration often find themselves stretched too thin.

It’s far better to do a few things well than do many things poorly, and OneFootball is most definitely the former.

The Best Soccer Team Management App of 2019: TeamApp

Why’s it the Best?

There’s plenty of good soccer news apps, mobile games, and even training resources out there. So why is it so hard to find a truly excellent soccer team management app? We’re not sure about the why, but we do know that the best management app around is TeamApp.

Feel free to check out our article on the top 5 soccer team management apps of 2019 for a full breakdown and analysis. We’ll discuss the major points below.

Remember why we said OneFootball is the best soccer news app of 2019, or why Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 takes the first place prize for the best soccer game for mobile? The reasoning is almost always the same — great functionality, utility, or gameplay. For TeamApp, it’s more of the same! It’s an app with fantastic features and functionality above all else.

Another big selling point of this app is the customer service. The developers are almost too fast to respond to issues with their product. Don’t get us wrong, it’s a great thing to have support always on-hand, but...sometimes it’s a little unnerving!

Features and Reviews

A lot of what makes TeamApp so great is that the developers thought long and hard about what features users actually need (and then included those features). TeamApp comes with support for the following and more:

  • Player attendance
  • Player availability
  • Event calendars
  • Push notifications for Android and iOS
  • Team-wide messaging service

On top of that, the app even has a place to upload news and photos (like a mini Facebook!) to everyone on your team. That makes it easy to share pictures and news without having to worry about mass emails or huge text message strings.

All in all, TeamApp knows exactly what it needs to accomplish its goal and then just does it. It doesn’t waste time or resources on extraneous features, and the app is remarkably stable as a result. Even getting onboard is as simple as it could be (email or social media login and you’re done).

It’s not the most complicated app in existence, and that’s why it rocks. Perfection is small things done right, and TeamApp will be hard to beat in the coming year.

State of the Game

TeamApp set the bar for soccer management apps in 2019 and we would bet good money that trend will continue into the next year. The developers respond to questions, comments, and concerns quickly and with solid professionalism. That bodes well for the app moving forward.

The only real competitor to TeamApp in 2019 would be an updated TeamSnap. TeamSnap has the features and polish necessary to take the throne, but a recent update led to some bugs and reliability issues for the app. If TeamSnap pushes another update and resolves the lingering issues of their latest build, who know what could happen

The Best Soccer Training App of 2019: Soccer Tactic Board

Why’s it the Best?

Soccer training is a hot topic, especially when it comes to spending money. On one hand, YouTube more information available (for free) than any single sports training app. On the other hand, a lot of that content is locked behind obnoxious “Heeeyyyy YouTubbbeeeee” introductions and requests for likes and subscriptions. More importantly, the credibility of the information can be called into question.

However, there’s a lot to be said for a dedicated training app. Something like Soccer Tactic Board (our pick for the best soccer training app of 2019) comes with enough features and tools to make the classic notepad and pencil a thing of the past. We’ll break down Soccer Tactic Board below, but check out our list of the top 5 soccer training apps of 2019 here for a full review!

Put simply, Soccer Tactic Board is exactly what the name implies: a virtual soccer pitch where you can draw, animate, and simulate your own custom plays. The controls are all very intuitive and the developers are on point when it comes to offering aid or suggestions.

Does it take the place of a piece of paper? Okay, maybe not all the time, but the app is surprisingly useful and the polish is remarkably high. It’s a lot easier to explain concepts and strategies with visual aids and keeping everything on a single mobile device is easy as pie.

What’s even cooler is the ability to export and share your tactics and animations. Once the animation is complete, you can send the file to your teammates to review and analyze. Granted, they need the app as well, but that’s hardly an issue.

Lastly, the app is free-to-use, which makes it a real winner in our book.

Features and Reviews

So what makes Soccer Tactic Board so good? In terms of features, you’re looking at:

  • Soccer tactics board
  • Simulate play with incredibly smooth animation controls
  • Plan, run and save custom plays
  • You can even share your plays!

Like we mentioned above, the ability to export and share your plays makes this app a lot more useful than you might imagine. It’s a simple thing to send the week’s plays over to your team. Bear in mind, you’re more than welcome to design training drills and other plays on this app. It’s fun to use, exciting to watch, and anyone can figure out the controls after a few minutes.

Reviews are, of course, very positive. We’re pretty sure the developer is just one man working by himself, but he’s magically able to respond to comments and complaints quickly. The few complaints that exist about the app are limited to specific restrictions on erasing animated frames (talk about niche!), so there are no glaring red flags.

State of the Game

Soccer training apps are in a weird place.

Like we said above, YouTube handles almost all the content needs you could imagine. Drills, videos, player commentary, training methodology...most of that is readily available online. But the real winner here is Soccer Tactics Board because it lets you design your own content without any difficulty.

A lot of the other soccer training apps out there don’t offer the functionality that Soccer Tactics Board does. Virtual soccer tactic boards can be finicky and hard to use, but this one manages to be both easy to use and remarkably stable — no crashes or bugs that we noticed.

So what’s the future of soccer training apps?

On one hand, there’s definitely a market for customizable training apps for you and your team. Perhaps something that can track time spent on specific drills, possibly even record scores and times for practices, or an app that uses available data and customizes a training program as you go. On the other hand, the amount of free information out there may make that unnecessary.

Or maybe we’re thinking too hard about this.

What we do know is that there will always be a market for a virtual soccer board (and other sports, check Soccer Tactic Board’s developer page!). What remains to be seen is whether or not Soccer Tactic Board needs more features beyond the pitch itself. A simple, lightweight app is a great thing and we hope that the developers always hold true to that original vision.

Best Soccer Game App of 2019: Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer 2019

Why’s it the Best?

Soccer games are a dime a dozen and finding the best of the bunch takes time (and a fair amount of patience). That said, Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) 2019 takes the cake for the best soccer game app of the year. This game is fast-paced, looks good, and feels as realistic as can be expected from a game. It’s just the best soccer simulator on the market today.

2019 looks like it will continue a trend we saw last year: more and more game developers are opting for short-term cash grabs instead of focusing on core gameplay. Konami (PES 2019’s developer) does the exact opposite. Konami knows that people love to play good games.

And PES 2019 is definitely a good game!

In our round-up for the top 5 soccer game apps of 2019, we mentioned that PES 2019 can’t really be discussed without mentioning FIFA 18. These are the two titans of mobile soccer gaming, after all. If you’re wondering why PES wins the crown, it’s because of the gameplay. FIFA is flashy, but it doesn’t feel like a real soccer game — playing it feels more likely watching YouTube videos of amazing plays or trick shots. PES takes the grinding adrenaline of a real soccer match and puts it in the palm of your hand.

The controls are responsive, there are no discernible lag or performance issues, and hitting a sweet play feels rewarding. Whereas FIFA makes flashy plays almost too easy to pull off, PES makes you work for every ounce of success. It’s a recipe for success, and it’s why Konami’s PES 2019 is the best soccer game of the year.

Features and Reviews

We recommend checking out our top 5 soccer game apps article for an in-depth discussion on features and reviews but suffice it to say that Konami has provided a fully-fledged game with many excellent features.

Some highlights include:

  • Online or local area play
  • Famous teams and players (when licensing lets the developers get away with it!)
  • Awesome game modes like Random Selection

Even better, the game isn’t pay-to-win (shocking for 2019, we know!).

Reviews for the app are, as you might imagine, overwhelmingly positive. There are not really any major or recurring complaints about PES 2019, with the exception of licensing. Many licensing deals are locked in with FIFA, so it’s nearly impossible for Konami to compete with their rival in this area.

Lastly, the game doesn’t look or sound as good as FIFA, but it’s hardly a major fault. You won’t notice the difference once the game starts.

State of the Game

PES 2019 is the most recent iteration of Konami’s incredible PES series. Judging by the state of the game in its current state, you can expect continual improvement and refinement whenever the developers release another version. Whether PES will be able to retain the number one spot against FIFA is another question altogether. The ball is in Konami’s court — they need to make sure their game retains the stellar gameplay that makes it so popular.


The Final Roundup

There you have it! The best soccer apps of 2019, across four major categories.

The best soccer news and live score app? OneFootball.

The best soccer team management app? TeamApp.

The best soccer training app? Soccer Tactic Board.

And the best soccer game app? Pro Evolution Soccer 2019.

If you ask yourself what all these apps have in common, it’s simple. They all do a handful of things really, really well. They don’t try to overreach or bite off more than they can chew, and that’s what makes them great.

2018 gave us some pretty amazing soccer apps and we’re super excited to see what 2019 has in store for us. It remains to be seen whether or not any of our category winners can be dethroned in this coming year, but there are a lot of aggressive competitors out there.

Keep your eyes peeled for more articles on the best soccer apps and let us know if you think we missed a unicorn app somewhere!

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