July 18, 2019 / Los Angeles

ENDALGO Brand Ambassador Program

Organizing a pickup soccer game can feel like a second job. So why not get paid for it?

Behind every “let’s play soccer next weekend,” there’s a person doing the grunt work of finding an available field (“let’s play pickup soccer near me!”), bringing the equipment and supplies (“do we have pinnies?”), reaching out to potential players (“hey, did you get my text?”), confirming who’s coming (“are you on your way?”), setting it all up, and… maybe getting a “thank you” for all your work.

ENDALGO knows how difficult it is to be the organizer of a pickup game and created a soccer community platform to make both organizing and playing pickup soccer in Los Angeles easier and more rewarding. Easier because of real-time updates, geolocation, multiple messaging options, and an in-app payment system and more rewarding because of Brand Ambassador program perks.

So how does the Brand Ambassador program work?

  • Sign up to become a Brand Ambassador and an ENDALGO rep will contact you 

  • Meet all the prerequisites:

    • Follow @endalgo on Instagram

    • Set up payment method on ENDALGO

    • Join “ENDALGO Soccer” group

    • Join “ENDALGO Organizer Community” group

  • Confirm email to become a Brand Ambassador! 

Don’t wait! The Brand Ambassador program runs on a monthly basis only through December 31, 2019. Enrollment may vary on a monthly basis depending on program acceptance.  ENDALGO will send a confirmation email every third week of the month to offer an extension and secure your Brand Ambassador role. 

Get paid for doing what you already do!

  • Organizers get paid for creating events and for every RSVP:

    • $2 for creating an event with info

    • $10/hr for 3 RSVPS or more

    • $20/hr for 10 RSVPS or more

    • $30/hr for 15 RSVPS or more

    • $40/hr for 20 RSVPS or more

  • Players get paid to play:

    • $1 for every RSVP to a game or event

Compensation is dependant upon the number of RSVPs and credited at 30 minute increments. For example, a 90 minute game with 10 or more RSVPS earns you $30! Brand Ambassadors get paid every Friday on a weekly basis, accounting for a seven day period from the previous Friday to Thursday. 

It really is that simple! Becoming a Brand Ambassador not only rewards you financially, but also comes with other perks. You’ll receive invites to exclusive ENDALGO organizer parties where you can eat, drink, meet other community members, and have a chance to win all kinds of prizes, from jerseys to game tickets to straight cash. Oh, and the response to “do we have pinnies?” ...ENDALGO provides them! 

Playing pickup soccer in LA should be as easy as it is fun. That’s why ENDALGO created a platform where pickup soccer organizers, players, and fans can all come together. Become a Brand Ambassador today, get rewarded for your work, and be a part of the growing Los Angeles soccer community. We’re just getting started. 


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