Part of a Soccer Team?
Here's Something for You

ENDALGO is a Soccer Community Platform.
Your soccer team can benefit from ENDALGO in many ways and here are some highlights.

Group Management

Manage schedules, member list, RSVP and more with ENDALGO’s easy group management features.

Find New Players

Your group info and events will be promoted to people nearby for them to instantly join and play.

Communication & Payment

Communicate with members through group chat and collect fees on each event.

Let us help you with a $50 gift card to Dick's Sporting Goods so that you can up your game soccer equipments and provide a better experience to your team.

Follow and complete the 3 Steps below to earn the gift card incentive

Step #1

Start by creating your Team

Create a group page for your soccer team. All you need is a name and couple of details of the team and you're good to go.

Step #2

Invite Friends and Teammates

Invite your team members by sharing the group link. Invited members will automatically be part of your group once they download and sign up for ENDALGO.

* Have at least 10 members (including yourself) in the group and you’re eligible for the incentive.

Step #3

Schedule your Games and Events

Register your soccer team schedules. Whether it’s a team practice or league game, create those schedules and notify the group.

* Create at least 4 events or games to complete the final requirement for the incentive.

Sign up now and complete the 3 steps to receive the reward

When you will Receive the Incentive Reward

You will receive an email confirming your sign up for the reward. Start right away with fulfilling the requirements. Once you are done, we will know that you have completed the prerequisites and will send you the reward to the email that you provide us when you sign up for ENDALGO. If you do not receive an email feel free to reach out to

Schedule a call with one of our representatives if you have further questions